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Training Schedule and Registration Details:

Ages 8 - 13
Mondays: 5:30 - 7:00 PM
Wednesdays: 5:30 - 7:00 PM
Starting Date: Monday, September 30th
Ending Date: Wednesday, November 20th
Location: Sun Tree Park or Woodlands Park
Attire: 4PU t-shirt or any non club affiliated gear
Fee: 1 day/week (8 sessions) $160 / 2 days/week (16 sessions) $299
Click Here to Download the Fall 2019 Registration
Note: Training cancellations due to weather or field availability will be made up on Saturdays or Sundays.

Training Objectives

We will work on developing proper body mechanics for greater success in passing, dribbling and shooting. Training will include a series of exercises that will help players improve their agility, balance and coordination. Through small sided games (2v2s 3v3s, 4v4s) players will be coached on how to better read the game and how to properly apply the principles of defense and offense. We will work on improving field awareness. Players will be challenged to use their critical thinking skills to solve problems faced on the field. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

The 4Points for Becoming a Great Soccer Player

Four Points United places strong emphasis on 4Points that when United make a complete player. Technical: We begin with fundamentals, placing strong emphasis on individuality by fully immersing proper body mechanics as they relate to different tactical situations. Tactical: As players master their technical abilities we start to see true collaboration among players which leads to real teamwork. We see that strong emphasis on technical abilities and skill development gives players the necessary tools so that they can have greater clarity on individual, group and team tactics. Physical: Athletic attributes, endurance, agility, balance and coordination are critical to a player's success. We insist on developing physical attributes that help players with the movements that are replicated in the game. Agility, balance and coordination allows players to dribble the ball confidently and players also gain greater ability in holding the ball for their team during challenging situations. Psychological: Confidence, happiness, sacrifice, endurance, strong mind to face adversity on and off the field are critical for a player's success. Confidence is build through hard work, commitment, discipline and enjoyment of the game. We provide players with true assessment of their personality and regularly evaluate their psychological performing in a competitive situations. We help players develop responsible attitudes toward other players, coaches, and referees. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Training Stages of Progression

Fundamental Stage: The first half hour players are coached new technique or skills with no pressure from an opponent. Match Related Stage: The second half hour player put into practice the new technique or skill by introducing pressure from an opponent. Match Condition Stage: In the final stage there are no restrictions so that players can put into practice their new acquired skills under full pressure. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Helping Players is Our Passion

Four Points United has a very successful record in helping players join top select teams. The intense private training sessions have also helped players prepare for tryout opportunities in Europe. Locally, players that have consistently train with the program have earned a spot in the varsity soccer team at Vandegrift.