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Summer Soccer School 2021

Summer training is by request and sessions in the schedule will be open to all boys and girls. To move forward with scheduling each day's class a minimum of four players is required in a session. The tentative summer schedule is below but more training classes will be added to the schedule as more training is requested. The training schedule will be divided into two sessions: Session 1 - May 31 - June 10 Session 2 - June 28 - July 16 Soccer camps begin July 19 - August 6 (see "Summer Camps" for more information) Note that there is no training from June 10 - 25 Training Schedule Ages 7 - 12 Mondays from 9:00 - 10:15 AM Training Schedule Ages 9 - 12 Thursdays from 9:00 - 10:15 AM There is no commitment as to the number of classes each player would like to participate, players can join on a per class bases. Training fee per session this summer is $25 per player. Payment can be made in cash, check, Venmo or Paypal and is due before attending a class. All checks will need to be made out to Four Points United.

How to Participate

To join a class please send an email to with the following information: 1 - Name of Player 2 - Age 3 - Cell Phone Number 4 - Preferred Method of Payment Once your information is received, your contact information will be added to the appropriate age distribution list. You then will receive a weekly text with different training opportunities.

Training Objectives

We will work on developing proper body mechanics for greater success in passing, dribbling and shooting. Training will include a series of exercises that will help players improve their agility, balance and coordination. Through small sided games (2v2s 3v3s, 4v4s) players will be coached on how to better read the game and how to properly apply the principles of defense and offense in different tactical situations. We will work on improving field awareness, and players will be challenged to apply their critical thinking skills to solve problems faced on the field.

Four Points that We Value in Developing Great Soccer Players

Four Points United places strong emphasis on four key pillars of player development, these include technical, tactical, physical and psychological. Technical: Players that struggle with technique have a difficult time implementing their ideas into the game as they often find themselves without enough time to make good decisions. Therefore, we begin with fundamentals, placing strong emphasis on individuality to help players in developing proper body mechanics in passing, receiving, dribbling and shooting. Tactical: As players master their technical abilities we start to see a progression in their tactical game as players are better able to control the ball in ways that allows them to create more space and time for themselves. The time and space creation gives players the ability to implement their game ideas and we see an improvement in decision making as it relates to the team tactics. This creates true collaboration among players which leads to real teamwork. Physical: Athletic attributes such as speed, explosiveness, endurance, agility, balance and coordination are critical to a player's success. We insist on developing physical attributes that help players with the movements that are replicated in the game. A true development in the above physical components also helps players to pass, receive, shoot and dribble more confidently. Psychological: Confidence, enjoyment, sacrifice, endurance, and a strong mind to face adversity on and off the field are critical for a player's success. Confidence is build through hard work, commitment, discipline and enjoyment of the game. We provide players with true assessment of their personality and regularly evaluate their psychological performance in a competitive situations. We help players develop responsible attitudes toward other players, coaches, and referees as well as to how to manage situations out of their control.

Four Points United - Training Stages

Fun Stage: We start with a fun game that challenges critical thinking. Fundamental Stage: Players are coached new technique or skills with no pressure from an opponent. Match Related Stage: Players put into practice the new technique or skill by introducing pressure from an opponent. Match Condition Stage: No restrictions so that players can put into practice their new acquired skills under full pressure.

Four Points United - Helping Players Achieve Their Goals

Four Points United has a very successful record in helping players with different backgrounds and playing experiences. The intense private training has helped players in many ways, including improving game performance, regain confidence, mastering technical abilities, preparing for select level tryout opportunities or simply just to have more fun during a pick up game. Locally, Four Points United continues to have great success in placing players in the boys and girls varsity soccer teams at Vandegrift High School, and has also helped players with their college playing experience.